Brain Damage Accident

There are many areas of the brain that can be affected by a brain damage accident. Because different parts of the brain perform different functions, the symptoms that you will suffer from will vary based on where the brain has been injured. If the injury to the brain took place on the forehead, this can affect the frontal lobes. Symptoms of this type of brain damage accident include :

Loss of spontaneity. Preservation. This refers to the persistence of a single thought that one cannot get out of their head. Changes in social behavior. Changes in personality.

When a brain damage accident affects the area near the back and the top of the head, the parietal lobe might be damaged. This can lead to one or more of the following symptoms :

Anomia: This refers to the inability to name an object, though the person will still know what the object is.
Agraphia: When a person suffers from this ailment, they are unable to think of the words needed to accurately write out their thoughts. Difficulty drawing objects. Dyscalculia. This refers to a decreased ability to do simple mathematic functions such as adding and subtracting.

The occipital lobes are damaged when a brain damage accident occurs at the back of the head. Some of the symptoms that might occur are:

Hallucinations: Visual illusions where a person can see an object but sees it incorrectly. Movement agnosia. This refers to the inability to understand the movement of an object. For example, when an object is removed from the person’s line of vision, they might become confused about how this was possible.

If a brain damage accident occurs on the side of the head and above the ears, the temporal lobes are in jeopardy. This type of accident might cause the following symptoms:

Selective attention to what is seen and heard. This means that the person might be able to hear one person but not another, or see one particular type of object but not another. Extremely aggressive behavior.

When someone is injured on the base of their skull, this type of brain damage accident can cause the cerebellum to be damaged and can lead to the following ailments :

Loss of coordination. Loss of the ability to walk. The inability to grab objects or hold on to them. Slurred speech. Inability to make rapid movements.

If you or someone you know might have suffered from a brain damage accident, it’s important to seek immediate medical treatment. You also want to make sure that the people who are responsible for the accident are held accountable. Visit for more information.

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